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Creating a Blog.....Writing Tutorials.....Making Scrap Kits, Clusters, PSP Masks, Templates!!!!! Wow what was I thinking. Typical me taking on far more than I know how to do but I am determined to give it a try. Probably be slow going for awhile but please come back and I promise I will do better and get something more on here.

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Christmas Beauty

Christmas Beauty

This tutorial is written for those with knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice: I'm using the art work of Alehandra Vanhek
You must obtain a license to use this art at Picks for Design   HERE
PTU Scrap Kit from Amy Marie’s Kits is  called "Christmas Beauty"
You can purchase this awesome kit at Amy Maries Kits  HERE
Mask of choice

Let’s Start!
This is a fairly quick and easy tutorial
You can resize elements to your liking but I have provided the resizing that I used here.

Open blank 700x700 canvas with a transparent background.
Open element 9 (frame) & place in center of tag
Add drop shadow    Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Open element 114 Christmas tree and add to left side of the frame
Adjust the width of the tree so the bottom covers about 50% of the frame
Add drop shadow    Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Open Element 113 present and place on left side of tag in front of Christmas Tree
Resize element by 60%
Enhance photo- One step photo fix
Add drop shadow    Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Open element 78 Present and place by the other present
Resize by 60 %
Place it so it sits a little behind the first present
Add drop shadow     Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Open element 73 and place in front of presents
Resize to 50%
Duplicate and merge for more definition
Add drop shadow    Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Add your main tube.  I resized mine by 40% and placed it between the frame and the Christmas tree
Add drop shadow    Effects-3D- Drop Shadow

Open paper of choice, I used paper 15
Apply mask of your choice

Add the Copyrite and your license number for the tube you used
Place your name where you want it, resize if necessary and save as a PNG

This tutorial was written on December 11, 2014 by Shelley
Any resemblance to another tag or tutorial is purely coincidental.

Thank You for trying my tutorial

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  1. My first ever tutorial! Hopefully this is the first of many but we shall see.